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December 11, 2005

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Hey, I’m Nathan Smith: father, husband, developer, and author, hailing from the quarters where the ragged people go (some call it Saskatchewan.) I was born, raised, and educated on the praries, but took a powder to Calgary (land of capitalism and IT employment) right after I married my lovely wife Marie. Since I got here, I’ve experienced the fallout from the .com bust (bad) as well as fallout from the oil boom (good). I’m currently working as a developer for Solium Capital and experiencing all the joys and pains of large J2EE systems.

Various highlights of the last 5 years include:

  • Writing for a gaming magazine.
  • Deploying at least 3 different web stores (hey, it was cool in 2000!)
  • Architecting a large market research system with about 40,000 external users in Java (and Perl!)
  • Getting my copy of The Pragmatic Programmer signed by Dave Thomas
  • Reproducing, the product of which are my two strapping young lads Gabriel and Alexander.
  • Getting my chess engine, Pawnzilla, to play itself and win (or lose, depends on your level of cynicism)

I am passionate about all aspects of technology, with an emphasis on pragmatic and agile practices. I love elegant code and and the idiomatic usage of whichever technology I’ve chosen to use. Languages don’t matter – people do! Currently embroiled in a torrid love affair with Ruby (while cheating on my wife, Java.) I’ve enjoyed my dalliances with C#, but the tools and community ultimately were not compelling.

I love movies, music, and food so I can’t help but chime in on those from time to time (sorry Jakob Neilsen) but in the end it’s all about having fun, no matter what you do!

For those who know what a geek code is, here’s mine:

Version: 3.12
GCS d(--) s+:+>: a C++$ UL++ P+++ L+ E--- W++ N+ o-- K- w 
O M+ V PS++ PE Y PGP t+@ !5 X++ R@ tv- b+@>++ DI++++ D++ 
G e++ h---- r+++ y++++ 

Feel free to drop me an email or contact me through MSN – I’m both places.

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