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March 7, 2010

Live Blogging the Oscars 2010

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Well, I’ve been away from my blog so long that someone hacked it and I couldn’t log in. Luckily I fixed it. I never did my picks this year because I didn’t see very many movies this last year, so I’m just gonna wing it as I go. Also, I’m working on some budgeting spreadsheets so I might be late here and there.

First off, Hugh Jackman’s introduction was far better last year. I love Alec Baldwin, I like Steve Martin, but so far not good enough.

Best Supporting Actor
Christoph Waltz. This was pretty obvious, he was a genius.

Best Animated Film
Again, so obvious. Pixar made a movie this year, so they win again.

Best Original Song
I’m gonna pick the song Marion is singing…

I’m wrong – never bet against Crazy Heart I guess. Or should I say never bet against a man named T-Bone.

Best Writing
Robert Downey Jr. is wearing the most ridiculous bowtie I think I’ve ever seen…I love it. But this is really flat.

I think Inglorious Basterds should win – it’s Quentin’s year. At least it should be…But could The Hurt Locker as well.

Bah, the locker of hurt…2 for 4. Crap.


I never pick short films because I never see any of them.

Ben Stiller dresses in Avatar suit, which at least hides a ridiculous beard…best makeup. I’m going with Star Trek.

So..3 for 5. I really wish we didn’t have to listen to these people give acceptance speeches….

Best Supporting Actress

Up in the Air should win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Precious wins. Maybe I saw it too late, but I find Precious overrated (don’t get me wrong, it’s a good movie, but not super amazing). Yeah, Precious wins…I refuse to write the entire title because it’s pretty ridiculous.

3 for 6.

Best supporting actress…This one is easy. Mo’nique. But I think that’s the easy way out. That said, not the best crop of nominees here. Of course it was Mo’nique. Enjoy it girl – this is the role you were meant to play, and there are no more oscars in your future. Oh, and thanking the academy for making it about the performance instead of the politics is a joke – the politics all pointed to Mo’nique wining this award.

4 for 7

Avatar is nominated, doesn’t that mean it will win? I’d like to see Nine win. Although the Academy loves period pieces.

Yeah, Avatar wins. Talk about overrated. yawn.

but building a cushion at 5 for 8.


Best costumes? Young Victoria of course. Of course. It’s a period piece. Thrid Oscar for a woman who looks…uh…pretentious. 6 for 9.

Sound Editing…time to find out if Avatar is the 800 pound gorilla of the Oscars or if the Hurt Locker makes a dent. I’m gonna go with Hurt Locker, because the sound was edited.

Big time.

And it’s The Hurt Locker yay!!! 7 for 10!

Let’s go with same for the other Sound Award…

And it’s The Hurt Locker again, 8 for 11. This really is a far superior movie to Avatar.

Visual Effects

Avatar wins for Visual Effects, which was probably the most secure lock this year.

Best Documentary

This has to be the Cove, although Food Inc. is far more sobering and important, in my opinion.

The Cove wins, showing that people care more about harming cute animals than food animals and people…


C’mon, editing has to be Hurt Locker…and it is. Booyeah. I’m getting psyched – I hope Bigelow gets Best Director if not Best Picture.

11 for 14.

Best Actor

C’mon, it’s gotta be Jeff Bridges. He was robbed not getting it for Lebowski…

Yaaaaayyyy! It’s getting a little dusty in the room…

Best Actress

Well, everyone says it’s Sandra Bullock’s year and I wasn’t offended by her or that movie, so let’s go with that.

And Sandra Bullock wins. After all those Miss Congeniality movies, something better had to happen. This is good – Sean Penn looks like he’s on a different planet.

Best Director

Please don’t be James Cameron, please don’t be James Cameron, please don’t be James Cameron…

And it’s Kathryn Bigelow – a great win for a great movie, not to mention the first female director to win Best Director. Outstanding.

Best Picture

HURT LOCKER!!!! Listen haters, Avatar is an amazing technical accomplishment, and a spectacle like few others, but the Hollywood foreign press is on crack – it is not the best picture of the year. Neither is this (I think Inglorious Basterds and Up in the Air were better) but I’m really quite pleased.

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