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February 1, 2009

This is your project on Git…

Filed under: Craft of Dev,Ruby by Nathan @ 3:36 pm

There’s been a lot of noise ’bout distributed source control the last year or two, especially with regard to Linus’ other baby, Git. Even I’ve bit – moving pawnzilla from sourceforge to GitHub last year, with serious thought to going with gitsvn in my professional life.

Stuart over at Relevence even went so far as to say that If you run a significant open source project that is not on a distributed SCM, it is a clear warning sign that you are a dinosaur.

He points to a pretty brilliant data visualization of commits to the rails project over the years. Take a look around April 2008, when they moved to Git. Make sure to watch the HD version fullscreen, it’s truly something to behold.

As always, our friends the pragmatic programmers have a book about Git to get you started on the road to enlightenment. (Or distributed SCM, as if they aren’t the same thing…)

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