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January 17, 2009

OCD, RPG, OMG! (And other TLAs…)

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I loved Fallout.
I loved Fallout 2 even more.
And so far I’ve really loved playing Fallout 3 (yay Steam!) but my love of the previous games has tripped me up. I was developing my favorite type of character, a man who can destroy anybody with a hail of small arms fire, generally going by the name Doc Holliday, I developed my character the wrong way.
Based on my previous experience, I was putting some stats towards Perception, only to find that I should have been putting those stats into Agility in the new game. Well, shit. I begged off the game for a bit, only to find out (thanks to some direction from Foo), that you can edit your stats through the console if you’re playing on the PC.
So for anyone else who needs to change their stats, I just did the following:

modpca agility 2
modpca perception -2

(Hey, I don’t wanna cheat, I just want to do things the way I thought I was doing them all along!)

This is a pretty comprehensive list of console commands for anyone else who may be looking.

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