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January 9, 2009

Not yet, my friends…

Filed under: Grab Bag by Nathan @ 7:43 pm

Heard a remark that this was the last year that people could wear stupid 200X glasses (you know, like this:

novelty glasses However, you can easily see that 2010 glasses would work out just fine. And if you’re willing to go all pirate and see out of one eye[1][2][3] you can comfortably wear hideous novelty specs at lowbrow New Year fiestas until 2111. Of course, that will be year that you can pretend it’s a visor and that you’re a bad ass knight. Or maybe your great-grandkids can pretend to be Sir Ass of Bad, ’cause even if I could live to 136, I’m reasonably certain I will not want to.

Unless either HG Wells or Ponce de Leon were correct, then it could be interesting. For different reasons, one more paradoxical than the other, yet each delicious in their own way. Like cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes. With peanut butter icing. From Crave. With an Americano from Bumpys. Yeah, I gotta run…

[1] Thought the first: if those pirates could duel with only one eye (and the resulting depth perception issues), they must be excellent duellists.
[2] Thought the second: if those pirates are such excellent duellists, why did they lose the eye in the first place?
[3] Thought the third: it is said that footnotes 1 and 2 have the ability to keep me up at nights.

2 responses to “Not yet, my friends…”

  1. One theory in pirates eye patches is that they wore them to always have one eye adjusted to darkness. This would allow them to see better while raiding the hold of the opposing ship, this give them an advantage.

    Argh! Piracy rocks!

    I’m looking forward to 2111. Then all the people wearing those dumb glasses will be blinded and funnily walk into objects. That’ll be fun for parties.

  2. Nulono says:

    Yeah, confirmed by the Mythbusters. 🙂

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