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January 5, 2009

Holy Five-peat, Caped Crusader!

Filed under: Sports by Nathan @ 8:19 pm

Let me congratulate Team Canada on a hard-fought tournament to claim a fifth World Junior championship in a row – this one on Canadian soil, led by a great performance by the best forward of the tournament, John Tavares.

I’m not sure if you are aware, gentle reader, but our opponents in the gold medal final (Sweden, again) did a little trash talking before the game, about Canada wasn’t to be feared and how we were totally beatable because are goalie wasn’t “that good”. They also said that we’d fall apart if they scored a couple of quick goals.

And well, that might be true, but we’ll never know, because Canada went up 3-0 and despite being outshot, ended up winning 5-1. I’ve got nothing against the Swedes in principal, but there’s a piece of me that loves seeing trash talking mooks lose almost as much as the piece that loves watching my country win. Add to that the gold and bronze Canada took in the Under-17 tournament and our future’s so bright, we gotta wear shades.[1]

This is Canada’s record-destroying 15th title – you need to add the next four teams together to get that total (okay, Russia has 11 if you add the 8 that the Soviet Union won to the that Russia has won, but I don’t). Can’t wait until 2012, when the world Juniors finally come to Calgary (and in Regina and Saskatoon next year for my prairie peeps.)

[1] It’s been 20 years, folks, it’s time to proudly (and without irony) reference Timbuk-3 again! Yeah right, who am I kidding…

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