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December 28, 2008

I ♥ my Time Capsule[1]

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A little way back I purchased a Time Capsule, Apple’s ingenious backup device. Not only is it beautiful (mmmm, white square with a silver apple on it…) but it manages to stay out of my way while I use my computer. Like many computer users out there, I have shoe boxes full of floppy disks, spools of CD’s and even weird proprietary pieces of plastic full of Zip disks from previous backups. These backups were ad hoc, unscheduled, unverified, and never used. Oh sure, I had a hard drive crash once, but none of my “backups” were useful at all, so I just laboriously attempted to recover everything off of that disk.

Now, you might say “sure, Mr. Fancy-Pants, you have this nice beautiful hermetically sealed and aesthetically pleasing device making little to no noise on that desk in your basement, but does it work?”


I got a little overzealous with some photo editing/changing, etc the other day and, well, lost a bunch of pictures. This caused me great angst for about 79 seconds when I suddenly realized, “Hey, I have backups of this stuff” And I did!

What was almost as interesting as the backup story was the restore, uh, story. iPhoto itself has “Browse Backups” option that goes into an iPhoto specific version of Time Machine. You can browse through in the standard way, select the pictures you want to restore (yeah, that’s right, select the pictures you want to restore) and then click “restore all”. iPhoto does an import, you have your stuff back, “BOOM!”.

I know there are some people who aren’t fans of the Time Capsule, and I weep for them, because for me, it a joyous thing to behold.

[1] If you don’t see a heart in the title of this post, fix your character encoding settings!

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