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December 24, 2008

Why the new Podcast functions on the iPhone suck

Filed under: Grab Bag by Nathan @ 10:25 am

Okay, I love my iPhone, but one thing it’s always done a really shitty job with is podcasts. Mostly it would refuse to honour the play count, so it wouldn’t always ditch the ones I had already listened to, and then they’d be on there after I synced, and in my OCD little world over over-organizing everything, this just didn’t do.

Then came the 2.2 software update, promising the ability to delete podcasts from the phone, and even download new episodes. This is genius!

Except that it’s not. And it kinda sucks. First off, deleting podcasts doesn’t really delete the podcasts. In fact, sometimes they just come back, much like the play count would suddenly be erased without warning. And more annoying, when you plug into iTunes, it makes sure that all of them are still there. Assuming I have “Allow Auto Delete” set for these podcasts (I do, but those setting aren’t always honoured either, but that’s a whole different rant), you’d expect them to be, uh deleted. But they aren’t, they just show as having been played. Lame.

Second, downloading new episodes just takes you to the iTunes music store. Sometimes it goes to the page of the podcast you are attempting to find new episodes of, sometimes it doesn’t. What I want to do is say “get new episodes” and have it check the feed, and ask me which (if any) of the new episodes I would like to list. I mean, what about podcasts that aren’t in the iTunes store (that I have to subscribe to using the “Advanced” menu option.)?

So, uh, how ’bout you take a Mulligan on this one Apple, and try to get it right for 2.3?

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