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December 18, 2008

I adore my 64…

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…my 64-bit MacBook Pro laptop, that is. This time marks the one year anniversary of finally taking the leap into Mac-hood. I had already gone part way with my love of the iPod, but I hadn’t really consummated the relationship with the full leap into OS X. Now I have, and use it for everything (except for playing Fallout 3, which looks way better on the PC with the 9800GTX video card and 21″ widescreen monitor). It’s been absolutely brilliant for organizing my photos, playing with the digital features of my piano, doing some video work, and of course doing development in Java and ruby.

I’ve also become an Apple fanboy, with a Time Capsule and an iPhone (and probably an iMac in the not so distant future). So, happy one year anniversary lappy. I’d like to toast to a long and prosperous relationship, but let’s face it — in about 19 months I’ll grow bored and you will become my wife’s computer when I replace you with something shinier.

Oh, and yeah, I still adore my Commodore 64 as well. Not as much as my Vectrex, tho’

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