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December 14, 2008

Hugh Jackman to host the Oscars

Filed under: Grab Bag by Nathan @ 10:14 pm

This is brilliant, really brilliant. I mean, think about it:

– He’s a theater star who hosted the Tony Awards, so all of the theater folk will tune in
– He won an Emmy for said hosting of the the Tony Awards, so all the TV folk will tune in[1]
– He’s apparently the World’s Sexiest Man(TM), so all everyone whose sexual predilections would have them leaning towards Hugh-centric horizontal fantasies (or, let’s face it, leaning towards Hugh in general) will tune in.
– He was in Van Helsing, so all of the dudes who enjoyed his cleavage in that one will tune in (oh wait, that wasn’t Hugh, it was Kate Beckinsdale. Not that Hugh’s cleavage isn’t to die for)
– He was in Swordfish, so all the computer nerds will check it out[2]
– He’s Wolverine, damnit! So all the comic book nerds will tune in.

Listen, I dig Jon Stewart, I really do, but I’m looking forward to the Oscars. I don’t know what I’ll do without the standard mocking of the audience (I’m just assuming Hugh won’t do that, but you never know, he could surprise us all!). So, uh, yay.

[1] Yeah, a stretch, I know, but just go with me here.
[2] Yeah, even more of a stretch, I know, but just go with me here.

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