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October 21, 2008

The End of Spam on Geek Smithology?

Filed under: Grab Bag by Nathan @ 8:20 pm

Okay, the CAPTCHA functionality got rid of all comment spam, but there was still a ton of spam coming in via trackbacks. Rather than trying to use spam software (sorry Akismet, but for spam you missed it seemed you marked a real commend as spam. I know you’ve changed, but I haven’t. Not yet.) I’ve decided to turn of trackbacks altogether.

Why? Because the only trackbacks I get seem to be by friends trying to see what a trackback is. Oh, and like 30 spams a day. So I threw the switch and…

Still got like 30 spams a day. WTF? Then it dawned on me that pingbacks are per-post, and that while trackbacks weren’t allowed for new posts, all my old stuff let the spam come flooding in. Dammit! Luckily I know some of this SQL nonsense, and for everyone else out there, to stop the trackback spam, turn off track backs (under Settings->Discussion in wordpress 2.6.2) and then connect to your database and run a query something like this:

UPDATE wp_posts SET ping_status = 'closed';

And finally, at long last, the spam, my friends, has been silenced. I wish there was some way to pingback spam trackbacks with viruses that would turn their bot-farms into something really disgusting.

Like poop.

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