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June 8, 2008

Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Ball

Filed under: Grab Bag by Nathan @ 10:28 am

Just saw a commercial for this:

The Cosmic Catch. Allegedly, this ball “knows your game” and a group of chums can use the provide RFID tags to “sign in” and then the ball tells them where it wants to be thrown (while no doubt using nefarious Hasbro Hacking technology to steal identities through the seemingly innocuous RFID tags.) My cynical mind could not help but jump to (what I thought) were fairly obvious thoughts:

What happens if you don’t have enough RFID tags? This gives being picked last a nice Orwellian undertone that was (usually) missing during my days on the playground. How does a game of keep-away work when the ball is yelling at you?

And, of course, the commercial makes it look like the ball compliments you on a good catch. What happens if you miss, does it trash talk? Or is Cosmic Catch smart enough to know it could be spiked by an overzealous tot at any moment?

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