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December 29, 2007

(Insert bad Wii pun of choice)

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As with all things console[1], I have been very late to Nintentdo’s latest party offering. My last experience with Nintendo (aside from some retro McLovin with an emulator and some 2-player Legendary Wings sessions) not involving the words GameBoy was so unremarkable that I don’t even remember what system it was on – Maybe one of the Tony Hawk games on the Game Cube.

During the standard celebrations of holiday mirth an uncle who was able to procure a Wii brought the system over for some demonstration. 18 rounds of boxing and at least 30 baseball pitches later, I am nearly unable to lift my arm, but committed to purchasing a Wii the next time I see one. It doesn’t really matter if it’s next week or next year, so I won’t be getting into any eBay bidding wars, but it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

It’s easy to see why the Wii is outselling everything else – the XBox 360 is almost tempting, but ultimately not compelling, and I’ve never even considered a Playstation III for even the smallest measurable instance of time – and the resolution on those atomic clocks is downright terrifying. And what’s this I hear about a Civ game for the DS?

[1] I am an unrepentant PC Gamer.

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