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July 23, 2007

You can still thrash at powers of 2 > 4, baby!

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As an old-timer with less than two weeks before getting sentenced to being 33, it may surprise you that I own a skateboard. It may drop your jaw to realize that I even ride it. And you’ll accuse me of playing too much Tony Hawk 4[1] if I told you I did a railslide the other day. I’ll bring you back to earth by saying there was a rather sudden and painful meeting of flesh and cement[2] when I attempted to ollie on the roll[3].

So, after some alleyway and playground trickery, I figured it was time to cruise, so I jumped on the stick to head over to the bank to deposit some cheques, and it was an uneventful, if fun little jaunt. It’s quicker than walking, and goddamn it’s a workout! I will have Thighs of Fire(TM) tomorrow, but at least I wasn’t using a ThighMaster(also TM. I think. Whatever)

I’ve included a couple of pictures of my ride for those who may be interested. I wanted some action shots, but my wife refuses to be in the vicinity whenever I hop on – she’s convinced I’m going to break something (to be fair, this fear is not without merit. Or precedent…), so I’m throwing yet another half-hearted attempt at amateur (or is that auteur) photography onto the web to clog the tubes.

Y’all have yerselves a marvy day!

[1] Guilty as charged.
[2] My buddy Dave Calam always said “Flesh on Cement” would be a good band name
[3] If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry about it

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