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January 22, 2007

Six Word Stories

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Perhaps you’ve heard of Ernest Hemmingway’s six word story, which he claimed to be his best work[1]:

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

I was reading this Wired article (courtesy of this entry on Wil Wheaton’s blog) about several dozen authors who wrote their own wee stories. I’m partial to Frank Miller’s “With bloody hands, I say goodbye.” Naturally, since I fancy myself a bit of a writer, I figured I’d try out a few for the hell of it…

We couldn’t. We shouldn’t. You did.

No, not like this. So cold.

I never loved you.

If you have any of your own six word stories, feel free to leave ’em as comments. So many ways to go…

[1] Possibly apocryphal, but I don’t want to try and verify one way or the other – more romantic that way.

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