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January 7, 2007

It’s too easy to make fun of American car companies…

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I don’t link to other bloggers too often, but this post from Scott Adams (he of Dilbert fame) about GM’s new electric car prototype, the “Volt” (and you thought Prius was a stupid name?) Apparently, they are still working out the kinks in the battery, so it won’t be available for another 5-7 years. I’ll quote Scott, because he’s way funnier than I am:

In other words, except for knowing how to make a battery for their electric car, everything else is pretty much under control. If you were an employee of GM, I have to think this would worry you.

Too funny. As for the concept itself, you can see some pics @ GM’s car show site (warning, needs Flash). I think it’s ugly, especially the rear.

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  1. Hlaode says:

    Thats what impressed me so much by tesla. Sure they were lithium batteries, the same kind as used in the volt (as opposed to the lead acid batteries in the EV1) but they were the same kind found in laptops and thus I am guessing easer and cheaper to get a hold of in large numbers.

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