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October 25, 2006

Firefox 2 – it’s the little things

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As most of my fellow hoi polloi out in geekland are aware, Firefox 2.0 has arrived (Go get it if you haven’t). While spell checking and a real interface for search engine management are appreciated, I’ve always been a fan of the little things…

Scant moments ago I was browsing the web with a plethora of tabs (as I am wont to do) and in a moment of passion decided to click a link that normally would open a new window, but that under the spell of the mighty InfernoDog merely opens a new tab[1]. After a quick scan to suck the marrow from yet another html bone, I right-clicked and drew an ‘L’ on my screen[2] and was returned to the tab from which I launched the link that opened the tab that I had just closed. Old school Firefox would’ve just dumped me to the closest tab in the same cruel way that an angry fisherman disposes of a rancid clam, leaving me to flail about my abundant tabbage desperately trying to regain my derailed train of thought.

I’ve spent some time writing about how the best software gets out of our way and lets us do something, and this is a fitting real world example. So bravo Firefox, for doing something that should have been part of the browser since I opened that cursed third tab back in Mozilla 1.0

[1] Something 2.0 does by default – how thoughtful.
[2] For those who haven’t discovered the repetitive stress injury reducing nirvana of mouse gesturing, this will close a tab

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