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June 18, 2006

Happy Father’s Day

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Hey All,

Just wishing all you fathers out there a happy father’s day (and for all of you who aren’t fathers, I hope your fathers who are around had a good one!) We did the brunch thing, because my dad just loves that stuff. I can’t complain — I enjoyed myself quite, er, heartily. I consumed what could fairly be noted as “a day and a half worth of food”, but almost three hours of blading and tennis put any potential guilt out the window. My boys are still too young to really grok the whole father’s day concept, so Mommy is still buying the presents, and I looove presents (who doesn’t?)

In addition to all the wonderful clothes, I (finally) got a copy Thomas Keller’s incomparable The French Laundry Cookbook, a tome I’ve practically lusted after for a few years now. Thomas Keller is in my own personal pantheon of geek gods (along with such diverse compadres as Anthony Bourdain, Roger Ebert, and John Carmack). Software Developers (or anyone creative for that matter) who want to delight in the “food porn” of a man who is so far ahead of everyone else the words “in a class of his own” feel trite and weightless owe it to themselves to browse this book.

So I’ve got a book to drool over before I hit the sack – hope everyone had a great day.

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