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April 17, 2006

I’m a bad fan.

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The Avs didn’t win their division this year. I should feel something, but I don’t. Even though the dozens of Flames “fans” that have materialized since Kiprusoff started pulling the bandwagon two years ago are chiding me and my team, all I can say is “well, they had their 10 years, it’s nice someone else can win.” And I’m glad it’s Calgary – while I find their style[1] insomnia-curing, Edmonton or Vancouver winning the division would be a travesty. In typical non-sensical sports fan style, I hate Vancouver because Bertuzzi is a jerk and the Sedin twins are ugly. And Edmonton? As a resident of Cowtown, while I don’t cheer for the Flames, I do cheer against the Oil.

I’m funny that way.

Do I think the Flames will win the cup? Only if Kiprusoff remains uninjured. Calgary is a low-scoring, grinding team that relies on their goalie more than anyone since the 1993 Canadiens. Yes, Iginla is great[2], Phaneuf is the real deal, and there is a handful of other contenders, but if Kipper blows a hip… Plus, they’re coming in as one of the favourites instead of a “we-made-it-on-the-last-day-of-the-season” Cinderella story, and the Detroit of 2006 is not the same as the Detroit of 2004 (as another President’s Trophy will attest.)

Of course, if New Jersey proved anything back in 1995, it’s that you can bore your way to a Stanley Cup. Oh, and that “winning goal” that didn’t count last time? It wasn’t a goal. I just wanted everyone to know.

Am I bitter? Of course I am.

I’m funny that way.

[1] I know, I know, not generally a word one hears when describing the Calgary game.
[2] But watching Iggy shine in the Olympics (moreso in 2002 when he was on a line with Sakic and Yzerman) shows you just how much the Calgary game stifles what he could be.

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