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April 16, 2006

The World is Not Your Ashtray…

Filed under: Grab Bag by Nathan @ 3:28 pm

…but it is my lavatory. Kidding!

Saw a post over on the Dilbert Blog about smokers rolling down the window when they smoke in their cars. Personally, I can’t imagine why the hell somebody would want to smoke with the windows up, and while the stink sickens (if you don’t smoke, a single cigarette a block away will be noticed), the practice, as a whole, doesn’t really bother me.

What does really bother me is smokers that throw the butt out of the window after they’re done, especially if it’s still lit. Sometimes I feel like running them off the road. Of course, a lot of these butt throwers drive SUVs, and if Hondas are bad for smoking[1], they’re even worse for running SUV’s off the road.

We’ve all got our bad habits (and, really, smoking is a rung up from watching Temptation Island on purpose and liking it), but that doesn’t mean we have to be jerks about it.

[1] When we bought our Honda, an ashtray w/ lighter wasn’t even an option…

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