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December 10, 2005

The Flames will win the Cup

Filed under: Sports by Nathan @ 11:30 pm

I’m not a Flames fan. I had a team before I came to this city and I’m not going to give up 20 years of history just ’cause I moved here. That said, my team isn’t going to win the cup this year, so it wouldn’t bother me if Calgary did win.

A lot of streetcorner pundits have ruminated on what would happen if Calgary played the class of the NHL, and they finally did that Saturday night when they played Ottawa. And the fact that Hasek wasn’t in net doesn’t change the fact that for two periods and an overtime, the Flames abused the Senators like their prison lover. They still rely on their goalie too much (and lost the Stanley Cup when they came up a goalie equally talented) and were until recently the only team with a winning record that had fewer goals for than against, but damn if they don’t look like they could take it all this year.

The only problem is that outside of a moment here and there, the Flames are boring. Remember 1995, when New Jersey bored everybody to the cup? I hope that doesn’t happen this year. Just like coding, success just isn’t quite as sweet when the execution is not elegant.

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