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December 4, 2005

I Found a Cure for Tony Hawk Addiction!

Filed under: Games by Nathan @ 6:14 pm

Yeah, turns out all you have to do is cut a fair bit of the tip of your thumb off while stupidly trying to cut garlic[1] with a big ol’ serrated bread knife. So…if you thought gamepad thumb hurt “in general”, it’s a lot worse after you’ve tried to amputate your thumbprint with stainless steel teeth of woe. I would post some pictures, but frankly I’d be creeped out if anyone actually looked at them. Lucky for me, I don’t need my left thumb for typing, or tomorrow could be a very long day.

Hope your Sunday evening is progressing with far less blood.

[1] To be clear, my relationship with garlic has not been harmed by this incident, and I still extoll its many virtues.

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