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December 3, 2005

MP3otW – Winter Wonderland by Harry Connick, Jr.

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Well, I hope you’re faring better in whichever piece of this ol’ ball of mud you call home, but here in Cowtown it’s mighty chilly with a big helping of snow on the side. What better to warm you up then our old friend Harry Connick Jr. throwing down a sweet boogie-woogie take on that proverbial winter favourite, Winter Wonderland. This boogie is so phat that when I was listening while typing I was forced to tap in time: that’s rock ‘n’ roll, kids.

Those who know my own piano stylings will hear a lot of my own influences here (although I can’t mention my piano stylings without mentioning Dave Luesink, who taught me the 12 bar blues, Jerry Lee Lewis, who I wanted to be[1], and Thomas Manshardt, who taught me that enjoying music is fine and dandy, but true love comes from appreciation) but I don’t put myself into the same league (Harry’s Avalon on his first live tape is insane).

Peace on Earth and all that jazz – where’s a chinook when you need one?

[1] Well, I wanted to play piano like him, I didn’t want the teenage cousin bride or that gaudy jewelry. Kinda got stuck with the hair, though.

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