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October 22, 2005

MP3otW – Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulter

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By now it’s no secret that I am a sucker for covers that go in completely different directions than their originals. And while you could argue that it’s possible to get farther away from Sir Mix-A-Lot’s infamous ode to big butts (but it still takes a back seat to Spinal Tap’s Big Bottom) than the easy listening, almost folksy cover put down by nerdcore folk artist Jonathan Coulter, I have my doubts. I mean, c’mon – it’s got a banjo and background singers.

If you liked Nina Gordon’s Straight Outta Compton, I think you’ll dig this.

2 responses to “MP3otW – Baby Got Back by Jonathan Coulter”

  1. Phat_moti says:

    This song is terrible. It’s so bad it makes your teeth hurt. It made me want to cover my ears and run screaming from my computer.

  2. Gardenboy says:

    I disagree–the song is OK, but others that he has written originally are superb. Repeated themes include robots, zombies, monkeys and Christmas. Who else writes lyrics like “You’re a day-glo pterodactyl…you’re one bad-ass fucking fractal” or “All I know is: steak tastes better when I take my Steak-Tastes-Better-Pill”?

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