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August 6, 2005

MP3otW – Straight Outta Compton by Nina Gordon

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You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge

So began the title track NWA’s second album, Straight Outta Compton; arguably the seminal gangsta rap work. Like so many other retired taboos, it doesn’t seem that offensive to today’s audience, but back in 1989 this was some hardcore shit. It was one of the few musical moments that really knocked me on my ass, and I remember listening to that tape over and over.

But times have changed, my friends.

Ice Cube, who bragged he had a crime record like Charles Manson, yelled out Fuck tha Police and wrote one of the most venomous, hate filled diatribes ever recorded (No Vaseline — so spiteful I actually feel dirty just listening) is now “the-guy-who-was-XXX-after-Vin-Deisel” and filming family friendly fare like Are We There Yet?.

Luckily we’ve got folks like Nina Gordon (of Veruca Salt. Go check out American Thighs — it’s a good time) to keep it real. She lays down a phat acoustic cover of the first verse of Straight Outta Compton that I just know you’ll love. I think my favourite part is that she doesn’t change the lyrics to make it from her point of view (unlike Tiffany, who thought I Saw (Him) Standing There was a good idea) and hearing her melodically croon ’cause Ice Cube is crazy as fuck just makes me smile.

Really interested in hearing what people who haven’t heard the NWA version think.

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