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July 31, 2005

The Shuffle Game (1 in a series)

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Okay, every Sunday (or so) I’m going to play a game where I start up iTunes, turn on Shuffle, and list the first 13 songs that come up. If everybody reading does the same, we should all see some stuff that we haven’t heard but might want to. Here are the rules:

1) Nobody talks about the Shuffle Game
2) Nobody talks about the Shuffle Game

Uh, that’s so lame I’m going to stop right now. There’s only one rule: you must put in the first 13 songs no matter what. Even if your wife “snuck behind your back” to download a bunch of REO Speedwagon and Michael Bolton, you have to list it[1]. Without further ado, here’s today’s list from me. The fact there are TWO tracks from Bruce McCulloch’s album Shame-Based Man in a shuffle that contains over 5,000 songs should be enough to make you question iTune’s shuffling ability. I might go to WinAmp next week.

  1. Dumb – Nirvana – Unplugged in New York
  2. Peace Frog – Doors – Morrison Hotel
  3. The Whistle Song – Frankie Knuckles – X-Tendamix Dance Mix ’92
  4. Arctic World – Midnight Oil – Diesel And Dust
  5. He Said, She Said – Bruce McCulloch – Shame-Based Man
  6. Il Vecchio Castello – Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra – Pictures at an Exhibition
  7. Take Me to the River – Commitments – Commitments
  8. Queen of Darkness – Ugress – Single
  9. Grade 8 – Bruce McCulloch – Shame-Based Man
  10. Territorial Pissings – Nirvana – Nevermind
  11. As I Wind Down the Pines – Tragically Hip – Music@Work
  12. Wake Up – The Walkmen – Everybody Who Pretended To Like Me is Gone
  13. Stay On Top – Kick Axe – Vices

[1] – My list had freakin Frankie Knuckles and Kick Axe in it, so you know I’m taking this rule to heart.

2 responses to “The Shuffle Game (1 in a series)”

  1. Chris says:

    here’s mine for today:

    1. Woke from Dreaming – The Delgados
    2. Radio Fly – The Joel Plaskett Emergency
    3. One Evening – Feist
    4. Cholly – Fishbone
    5. Moi, mon bme et ma conscience – Paris Combo
    6. Knock ’em D – Dashboard Confessional
    7. Pas as pas – Paris Combo
    8. Hands down – Dashboard Confessional
    9. O Maria – Beck
    10. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door – Wyclef Jean
    11. Lover’s spit – Broken Social Scene
    12. Killer MC – Wyclef Jean
    13. Getting Your Way – Mansun

  2. Trever says:

    Internet Stalker here.

    My oh my is shuffle mode of entire library hard to find in ITunes12. Maybe I’m an idiot. That much may be true.

    The closest I can find is “Genius Shuffle” which is not a true random wtf shuffle.

    The results are still a bit WTF nonetheless.

    1. Wave Babies – Honeymoon Suite
    2. (You’re A) Strange Animal – Gowan
    3. Innocence – Harlequin
    4. Armageddon – Prism
    5. Your Daddy Don’t Know – Toronto
    6. What Kind of Love is This – Streetheart
    7. Round Round We Go – Trooper
    8. Tonite is a Wonderful Time to Fall in Love – April Wine
    9. I wish You Well – Tom Cochrane
    10. Fooling’ Yourself – Aldo Nova
    11. Diamond Sun – Glass Tiger
    12. Stay in the Light – Honeymoon Suite
    13. All the Lovers In The World – Gowan

    Out of 6,141 tracks it picks that. Ok then.

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