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July 22, 2005

Longhorn to become Vista

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[man walks into a software store, Bruce McCulloch is behind the counter playing his “Doors Fan” clerk]

Clerk: You know that new Depeche Mode album? It sucks.
Clerk: You know that new Happy Mondays album? I don’t know if there is one, but if there is? It sucks.
Clerk: You know the new name for windows? It sucks.

“Clear, confident, connected.” So goes the tagline for the next version of Windows, now officially called (wait for it…) Vista!!! It’s not April, so I guess it’s serious; as Shatner and Rollins might say, I can’t get behind that.

While I’m sure it’s meant to inspire, I can’t get the image of some rusty old Vista Cruiser wagon out of my head. You know the kind — rusted and bloated, needs a screwdriver crammed into the carb to start, and doesn’t even come with WinFS. Kinda like, well, this:

1968 Vista Cruiser
The new windows?

One response to “Longhorn to become Vista”

  1. eskimobill says:

    Wow – not bad shape for a ’68! Don’t ask me how I know that….it’s possible to be a geek about old cars too….

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