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July 16, 2005

MP3otW – Good Girl by Lisa Whelchel

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In the rush to laugh off the albums of such “now I’m an actress now I make crappy dance music” notables as Linsday Lohan and J.Lo (yeah, Lohan can’t act and Lopez hasn’t done anything worth watching since Out of Sight, but you get the picture), it can be easy to forget that it’s been happening forever. In that vein I proudly bring you the absurdly manufactured can’t-enjoy-it-even-in-an-ironic-way pop stylings of Lisa Whelchel (you will remember her as Blair from The Facts of Life.)

The song, from her album All Because of You is called Good Girl, and while it’s not so bad that you’ll gain sudden respect for Britney Spears, it will make you feel better that a band like Sleater-Kinney is around. If all the digs that the Simpsons take at the Grammys weren’t enough for you to completely dismiss the awards, maybe the fact that this album was nominated for one will be the proverbial straw. Nominated for “Best Inspirational Performance”, the album lost to Donna Summer; I’m not sure it inspired anything other than teen queen wannabes like Tiffany and Debbie Gibson to think “Damn, I could do that.”

To prove I’m not entirely evil, feel free to cleanse your palate with this Hate Dept. cover of the theme song from Lisa’s Diff’rent Strokes spinoff.

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  1. Hey, Lisa Whelchel is my hero (not). Actually, she gives us homeschool mums a bad name. Yes, she wrote a book on homeschooling, and we don’t like it either. Basically, I suppose this means that she can’t act, can’t sing, AND she can’t write. Pretty sad — but at least she’s consistent.


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