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July 8, 2005

First Post!

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Sooooo…I recently left my job Managing the software team at SI (this is to all my SI peeps – thanks for the support) to become a consultant for OBS. This has given me a little more time to think about the world and George Carlin’s place in it. I’ve been reading these so called “blogs” for about a year now, and I always thought I could land solidly in the middle of the quality scale if I really put my mind to it, but the fact is I’m a procrastinator bound by the ball-and-chain of Newton’s old friend inertia.

Then I found out that one of my ex-Calgary confreres (the inimitable Chris Scott) jumped on the wagon, so when I thought of a name one day on the train, I decided to take the plunge. I’m a wee bit cynical (and some even say I’m not very nice) so this is where I’ll host all my rants and raves on coding, movies, food, music, and the crazier happenings in the chess world (Spassky, you are CRAZY.)

Among other plans, I’ll be reviving the “mp3 of the week club” and teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony. Question of the week – is the Fantastic Four movie really so bad that even Jessica Alba isn’t hot enough to save it? Stay tuned.

Until then, shine on all you crazy diamonds – it’s gonna be a long strange trip. Well strange anyway…


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